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Supermodels, unique designs, fashion shows, billions of dollars in revenue, brands with millions of fans and backstage gossip... The fashion world has always been very exciting for both those who are in the industry and those who are interested in the industry. So much so that every step that makes a sound in the sector resonates around the world, and the leading names and brands of the sector have a wide impact on society. The fact that the sector, which has such a large volume with its tangible and intangible vision, joins hands with the technology sector, which also has the same characteristics, causes quite revolutionary developments to emerge.


A company called Coperni, which stands out with its futuristic approaches to fashion, put on an exquisite show with the world-famous supermodel Bella Hadid at Paris Fashion Week, which took place in the past weeks. During the fashion show, Hadid went on stage without any clothes on, and Coperni designers sewed a dress on Bella Hadid on stage using a special spray that turns into fabric shortly after being used. This show, which made quite a splash, was just a small sample of the technological advances in the fashion world. To approach the subject realistically, the spray used during the show is far from being sustainable and environmentally friendly, both in terms of the ingredients and the way of use. However, surreal-sounding technologies that are developing in terms of both environmentalism and sustainability and that will affect both the present and the future of the fashion industry are also present and have already begun to be used. At every point of the design and promotion process…


Suppose you are a very famous and pretty good fashion designer. You are making designs that will shape the coming season and inspire the whole world. While making this design, you can go to your desk by taking a pen and paper using old-fashioned methods. Or you can design your ideas with computer programs such as Clo4D or Marvelous Designer, as do the famous designers of brands that have adopted street style. But now there is another way. Virtual reality programs, whose popularity and sales are increasing day by day and can be found for every budget, now have design programs specially programmed for their own interfaces. These programs, which offer the advantage of instantly designing a dress on the model in 3D, promise a much more economical, fast and free process to the designer compared to the design process in the physical world.


Now that the design process of the dress is over, it's time to introduce this dress to the whole world. For this, a fashion show should be organized in which the designs will also take place. But where will this fashion show take place? Paris? Milan? New York? The audience that the design will appeal to includes all three big cities, and you do not find the photos taken from fashion weeks enough to fully describe the stance and feel of the design on the model. What about the possibility of organizing a fashion show that will take place in these 3 cities and even all over the world at the same time and where millions of people can attend at the same time? At this step, technological developments, to be more specific, Metaverse universes are included in the subject. These universes, which offer innovative solutions to the problems that develop in the natural process of the physical world, do not hesitate to offer these innovative solutions to the fashion world. The Atlas Space Metaverse universe is one of the universes that offers the most radical solutions in this regard. The fashion show halls, which are created within the universe and can be personalized in line with the needs and preferences of the brand, provide the opportunity to host millions of viewers at the same time, as well as provide the opportunity for innovative and resounding stage shows that cannot be realized due to physical limitations, and increase the interest in the fashion show.


A location and space was found to present the spirit and feel of the design correctly. Now, there is a need for a model that will ideally carry that design, and a character that will identify with the character of the design. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid or Sean O'Pry… All these supermodels have a very busy calendar, so they may not be suitable for the right time schedules to share the design with the world. Innovative solutions of the digital world actually come into play here with 2 different perspectives. The first perspective was actually used recently by the firm of Thomas Burberry and made quite a splash. In just a few minutes, the digital twin of Supermodel Kendall Jenner was created by the simultaneous shooting and processing of hundreds of cameras. This digital twin, the avatar, mirrors an identical image to the famous name and has a flawless resemblance from the eyebrow details to the ankles. Desired physical movements, gestures and facial expressions can be added to these digital twins, so a show can be created just like in a real shoot or fashion show, and the avatar can be reproduced as much as desired. Therefore, a model can take part in more than one fashion show or shoot at the same time. Moreover, names whose calendars would never cross under normal circumstances can take part in the same shoot and fashion show in this way. Apart from the advantages that digital possibilities add to the fashion world, another fraction actually constitutes another perspective.


Meet Lil Miquela. She is one of the most famous models on Instagram with over 3 million followers. He took part in the shootings of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein brands and became one of the brand faces. She even openly showed her support not only in the fashion world but also in the LGBTQ+ community with a Calvin Klein commercial featuring another supermodel, Bella Hadid. If you are learning about him for the first time through this content, you should know that he is not a human or a digital twin of a real person. He is a character created entirely in the digital world. Just like 'Livi', who is a kind of colleague and the digital face of LVMH Brand. Just like Lil Miquela, Livi has reached millions of followers and this number is increasing day by day. The number of these digital people, where brands can process their own characters and souls as they wish, is increasing day by day, and it turns into a great opportunity for brands to exhibit their designs by reflecting their own personalities.


Yes, the design was created and exhibited worldwide. Now is the time to bring these designs to the customer and make them a part of social life. Due to traditional methods, it is a known fact that a new design starts to be sold in the centers of Paris, Milan or New York, which are known as the fashion capitals of the world. But is this really necessary? What if there was an environment where millions of people could simultaneously examine and even experience these unique designs? Metaverse universes bring revolutionary solutions here to support both designers and users, and Atlas Space Metaverse universe offers customizable areas to brands, just like the fashion show area it offers, and brings revolutionary designs to users. Moreover, if they wish, brands can meet under a common roof with other important brands of the world and create a sales point in a very large and futuristic shopping center, namely 'Iris Plaza', if they wish, they can present their products to their customers on private islands designed entirely according to their own preferences. Steve Madden, one of the important shoe companies that has made its name known to the whole world, is one of the brands that created its own island in the Atlas Space Metaverse universe with the infrastructure of Atlas Space. On this island, users have the opportunity to meet with the most up-to-date designs of the Steve Madden brand as well as the genius minds behind these designs, the designers, and enrich the experience.

The effects of the WEB 3.0 revolution continue to affect every sector and it will be one of the sectors where the most change and development is experienced in the fashion sector, and it is very exciting for the whole world to observe and experience the development of this revolution.

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