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When the world entered the millennium, futurists said that the Earth would shrink in this new millennium. When talking about this statement, which seems like a strange statement at first, it is realized that globalization is actually meant. Globalization, which is expressed by the exchange of ideas, products and worldviews and the gathering of all world societies on a common ground, of course also affects the professional business world and technology has a great impact on the progress of this process. However, Metaverse technology, which is included in our lives with the WEB 3.0 revolution, increases this effect at very serious levels. So how did these effects start?


In fact, it should be accepted that there are two different phases that feed this process. First of all, due to the current principles adopted by media companies and technology companies, the trend of gathering all employees of companies under a common physical roof is coming to an end. Employees living in various parts of the world do their work with their computers and can combine their work or talk about it thanks to online platforms. Of course, this new working order is preferred because of many advantages. To give an example of these advantages, first of all, financial advantages can be mentioned. Since companies do not have to bring their employees together in a common physical area, they get rid of the rental cost that has to be given to business centers. On the other hand, expenses such as electricity and food that arise due to the conditions in these business centers can be prevented by online working principles. On the other hand, this principle, which is also very advantageous for employees, offers employees both serious comfort and time savings. However, due to the other side of the coin, not every company prefers to operate their working processes with this principle. At the top of the disadvantages is the problem of not having a chance to observe the care and discipline shown for the job, and the lack of synergy among the employees due to the fact that the employees do not or cannot meet in a common area. The fact that these disadvantages were more prominent than the advantages prevented the spread of the online working principle. Until the 2019 pandemic process.


With the Covid 19 virus turning into a pandemic, the business world has also suffered a lot. Production and sales processes slowed down or stopped altogether. The companies that were least affected by this damage were the companies that continued their business processes with online principles before the pandemic process, and even the companies that did not prefer this principle due to the disadvantages we have just mentioned, have also switched to this principle due to this necessity. In addition to all the negativities, this situation helped companies to realize how advantageous working on online platforms can be, and to get used to this idea.

Of course, getting used to and accepting brought new ideas. The fact that professional and academic life can be moved to online platforms has shown that companies with thousands of employees all over the world can move their briefs and trainings to their employees. Digital meeting applications such as Zoom, Discord, Microsoft TEAMS have become a device on everyone’s computers and mobile devices in this process. In fact, the applications produced packages and projects for companies, showing how eager and encouraging they are for this adaptation. However, there was a point in this adaptation process that both application manufacturers and employees and employers using online platforms had common complaints. The point is that each participant is just a tiny dot during the meeting. This situation caused the participants not to convey themselves and their ideas sufficiently to the other party, and also, as we mentioned at the beginning, the lack of business synergy. So is there a solution to this main problem? That’s where the Metaverse universes got involved.


Atlas Space Metaverse universe, which has become a center of attraction with its metaverse universes and subject-specific works, emerged with the motto of offering digital and creative solutions to the problems of physical life. Evaluating the problems experienced in professional working life with this motto, Atlas Space presented the ‘Capital’ region to users of the Metaverse universe. The digital center of commerce and professional life, ‘Capital’, with its offices with different design dimensions, meeting rooms and conference halls, provides an opportunity for institutions to increase the quantity and quality of the value they produce by feeding them with digital infrastructures. Moreover, these areas can be personalized and redesigned depending on the preferences of the users. Expert and leading companies such as Turkcell, DenizBank, A101 and Aveon have already started to benefit from the opportunities of the ‘Capital’ region. So, what other possibilities do these digital spaces offer to their users? At this point, it is possible to return to the problem just underlined. Atlas Space offers its users the opportunity to use personal avatars developed with the Ready Player Me infrastructure and offer hundreds of cosmetic options, as well as digital twins processed into a special 3D Modeling system, which is performed in a few seconds with approximately 120 cameras. These digital twins, which have already become very common in the advertising and fashion industry, offer the opportunity to carry all the physical characteristics of the user to the digital world in a very close to reality. Thanks to these various avatar options, users can both experience the sense of gathering in a common area in a digital environment, and convey their ideas and thoughts in a clearer and more understandable way, both with their appearance and with the emoji and physical animation features offered by the Atlas Space infrastructure.

In our previous article, we examined the promises of Metaverse worlds to users and the impact of metaworlds in the online academy sector. In the coming weeks, topics such as ‘Psychological Preparation for Meta Universes’ and ‘Meta Foyers’ will be covered. In order not to miss all these articles, do not forget to subscribe to the Atlas Blog page. For all your questions and comments, you can contact us on our social media accounts, which you can find below.


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