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Go back about 2 years on the calendar. There is a serious crisis environment in the world. The Covid 19 virus completely changes the life habits of the society. Starting from the social areas, every environment that has the potential to create a crowd is closed one by one. With the prolongation of the process, societies have to adapt to this new extraordinary situation, and online working processes, online academies, which were not used effectively even though they existed before, are included in our lives. However, this adaptation process is progressing in a very problematic and painful way as expected, and especially online education cause both trainers and trainees to have a difficult time, rather than being beneficial because the programs used are insufficient and the correct technological infrastructure is not provided. So, how can online education projects that have the potential to provide serious advantages in terms of time, space and finances, if implemented correctly, be developed? Or has it actually started to evolve already?


The riddle is much simpler than it seems. The content conveyed on the basis of the education and training process is experience and knowledge. So, virtual or augmented reality technologies that promise a new world and unique experiences beyond physical and geographical boundaries to its users, and Metaverse technology, which is included in our lives by bringing these technologies together at a common point and becoming centralized, can provide many opportunities and opportunities for education processes. predictable situation.


Undoubtedly, one of the situations that students complained the most during the pandemic period was having social opportunities only in front of the computer and not being able to work collectively with other students who made an effort to learn the same subject. The negative effects of this issue, which even higher education and university students complain about, were much more critical for students who had just started school and were just at the beginning of their developmental age. The biggest advantage of educational projects developed in meta-universes is that they can create a much more comprehensive environment for their users to socialize than a small computer screen, and they provide the opportunity to meet instructors and students from different parts of the world in the same area. Moreover, these users can also find the opportunity to work together in specialized areas in the universe.


Another advantage of academy centers established in meta-universes is that students can improve themselves with a much more 'real' and 'live' education program integrated with augmented reality technology. To give an example of this situation, the video of the technology company, formerly known as Facebook with its new name 'Meta', can be used. In the video, the student who has to prepare a homework on astrophysics can find himself wandering around the planets and watching them in a meta universe. Moreover, while another student wanders through a different meta-universe, he finds himself in the city of Rome 2000 years ago and has the chance to experience live the information he will write on paper in his history homework. Both students and instructors agree that augmented reality experiences, of which hundreds of examples can be given, will be much more enjoyable and effective than learning information about subjects from papers or simple presentations.


Of course, education is not just about teaching. The socialization process of the student is also one of the important parts of teaching. Another advantage of the academy centers established in meta-universes comes to the fore at this point. The projects that offer significant time and material savings to their users are to find venues and activity areas in these academy centers where students can spend time together in a pleasant way. Just like a real college campus.


Starting from this point, it is worth noting that the digital twin of campus life, which is one of the most important factors of physical academy life, has been created. Sabancı University is one of the first institutions in the world to take a step in this regard. The Sabancı University campus, created in the Atlas Space meta universe, began to be used for many different purposes. Now,Sabancı University student candidates can enter the campus in the Atlas Space universe with a single click and explore the university as they wish. Moreover, Sabancı University campus, which is in the Atlas Space universe, has different experience areas in addition to the physical campus and brings students together with the unique opportunities of technology.

Moreover Atlas Space also have a special area for education which is called ‘Learning Hub’. That area serving a customizable classes for both companies and academic instutions. In these various sized classes instructor and students have a chance to use different education methods such as visual or audio experience transfusion ways.

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